As people get older, they become more vulnerable to medical emergencies. Even a short fall can cause serious health issues for them, especially for seniors who are not physically able. Not only that, but they can also become victims of criminal acts easily.

If you are living with a senior citizen or have senior loved ones who stay at home,  then home safety should be your number one priority. This can be achieved by placing a medical alerts system with a home security system. Through this, you can provide your elderly loved ones with comprehensive security measures even when you are not around.

Here are some tips to make your home safe for senior citizens.

Eliminate fall hazards

Falling can become the cause of a serious injury for seniors, so to remove the risk of falling, you should remove all fall hazards in your home. This can be done by doing simple things first, such as removing clutters that may block their way. This includes rugs, shoes, toys, books, newspapers and clothing. These items should be put in their proper place and not lying on the floor, especially where the seniors usually pass. As much as possible, create an open environment where the seniors can move freely without the fear of falling or slipping. Make sure to provide non-slip footwear for seniors when they are inside the house.

Protection against fire

Removing fire hazards from your home is also a way of keeping your house safe for the elderly. Inspect the wires of your appliances and remove or replace those with any damaged or frayed wirings. You may have some candles in your home but be sure not to keep them lit as they can cause a fire when left unattended. Also, make sure to check the batteries of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change them regularly to ensure that they function properly.

Medical alert system

Consider getting a medical alert system where the person can press a panic button to call for help. It’s a device that the elderly can carry anywhere and just press on it to summon an emergency. There are also medical devices that have advanced technology features that can automatically detect a fall. These medical alert systems can also alert family members in case an emergency occurs.

Security cameras

Ideally, you should check your loved one frequently. But if you are not at home with them for long hours, installing security cameras in your home can help you check on them from time to time. Security cameras can now be accessed using mobile phones or tablets, so anywhere you go, you will have an idea of how they are doing.

Installing cameras, especially on all your access points such as the front door, back door, and garage, can give peace of mind. Criminals are less likely to break into a house where they can see cameras installed.

Hire someone

Hiring someone to watch your loved ones is the best way to ensure that the senior citizens are safe. This can be a professional caregiver, security personnel from a reliable security western sydney or a close neighbour that you can hire to be with your loved ones while you are away. Just ensure that these people can be trusted and the elderly are comfortable having them around.

With these kinds of security measures, you can create an environment where senior citizens can truly be safe in the comfort of their home. Having these security measures can make the seniors perform their daily activities without having to fear for their safety.